Nothing but massage.

Sometimes everybody needs in relaxing massage, as it's the most healthy and pleasant of medical treatments. Alice wasn't an exception. Her tired body craved for rubbing all over and yearned for strong but tranquil touches of skilful masseur. So she had hit the classy massage parlor. She was hesitated a little, as the price was very high and Alice wanted to choose cheaper one, but her girlfriends assured in chorus about its groovy atmosphere and handy staff. Alice took her chance after all.

Oh yes, the interior of massage parlor was in out of this world style, and Alice felt herself as if she got into antique times. The couch for massage dominated in the middle of hall and it looked like royal bed - attracting glances and making everybody craving for relax. Alice's feelings was filled of only idea - she had found herself in the Greek bath-house or maybe royal room, and it's possible that some black slaves were waiting for her order.The obsession was very strong.

While Alice was thrilled with interior, the masseur Patrick spied on her motions, sitting in front of displays in his room. The clients - old rich bitches, as slutty and capricious as anything - did not suspect of his little secret. Waiting for him, they made so funny and stupid things and it was great fun for Patrick. But Alice was "alieni generis", she'd got sexy body and each of her motions was full of sensuality and bursting with sexiness. So Patrick changed his common strategy and decided to play.

Alice killed time before the massage starting. Having examined every nook of this breathtaking room, she climbed upon couch. As masseur was still out, so she decided to stretch out. Suddenly Alice heard a voice, warm and sexy, and the vanilla aroma filled in room. This voice ordered Alice to take her jeans off and she obeyed. It was so unusual and exciting - to make something for this mysterious sound seeing nothing.

It was Patrick, surely. His practice started with this little amusement at times and it made him hot and ready for top-class massage - the real show for body and soul. Even more, that he liked this client and wanted to do her as relaxed and satisfied as never before. Therefore, he had gone on the entertainment and asked Alice to show off her sexy body in some poses, which could be positive for her. Looking at Alice's exercises, Patrick felt his dick near to get hard-on and he had understood - it's time for start.

Alice was stretching on couch turned into absolutely nude and looking like Cleopatra in her royal bed. Ready for massage but got excited, confused a little and tried to hide the thrill. The commands of enigmatic voice had made her pussy wet and the nipples got hardness - Alice was craving for nice
cock which could please her burning core. Patrick put in an appearance in the very nick of time.

Oiled the hands by aroma mix, Patrick got down to massage. At first he had touched Alice's skin all over and checked her joints and muscles - it's the obligatory procedures. Staying glad with her flexibility, Patrick started to itemize the main types of massage that he could offer for Alice. She
listened to him with mixed sense of irritation and longing for sex, getting hotter from his touches. At last, she offered to do something breathtaking. "Well, it's the right answer," thought masseur.

As Patrick decided to show his main skill to the attractive client, so he started from stretching and pressing. Alice felt her limbs getting power and relax at once. She still was excited, so Alice showed the readiness for something more spicy than massage. Patrick hit her craving, but it was a
forbidden fruit - to have sex with clients. However, he could make this girl satisfied only with massage, without routine sex-exercises.Kissing Alice's sweet lips and then switching to smooth breast with silky nipples, Patrick caressed and massaged the internal side of her hips, making Alice trembling with rapture and dreaming of more intense motions. Her desire had been satisfying then Patrick started to lick the hard clit, penetrating deep into the wet cave by his smart tongue - the real ace in the pearl diving.


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