Nothing but pizza sex

One more boring day, full of dreams about something out of this damned boring world, and it could turn every cute girl into a fun-starved bitch.

One more day without sex. Alice was all wheed up because her pussy was crying and begging for action, and she was ready to regale her little galfriend with her own fingers.

However, she had to console her poor stomach at first, because the thoughts about sex always made her extremely hungry. It wasn't very easy to find something eatable in Alice's kitchen.

She preferred the porterhouse meal and had no a great variety of foodstuff in her icebox.

She wasn't a housewife, ready to fuss before the cooker day and night, forgetting about rest, and that's why Alice had found nothing edible with the exception of a woman's magazine (it wasn't fitted to eat too) with advices how to cook something notable from nothing.

But Alice didn't want to cook, she wanted to eat! Suddenly, she hit on an advertisement, where the well-known pizzeria offered to deliver the best and yummiest pizza in the world.

Feeling her stomach shrunken up and mouth full of saliva, Alice dialed the pizzeria and made an order of the biggest pepperoni pizza they had ever had done, foretasting the pizza fest and swallowing saliva.

As the pizzeria was not far from Alice's apartment (for her pleasure!), so Alice had heard the door ring in half an hour. It was a pizza boy.

Overjoyed and ready to dig into this hot aroma miracle as soon as possible, Alice found her purse to pay for pizza, but she had no money enough to pay for it.

Moreover, her purse was as clean as a virgin was before her first sex. Feeling herself ready to faint because of disappointment and hunger, Alice decided to play a fool with the pizza boy, who looked rather nice and cute guy.

She revealed him the empty purse and offered to find the entrance together.Bruno, the pizza boy and the owner of the pizzeria, was delighted with attempts of this cute girl to resolve the money problem.

He was near to present her this pizza because of her beauty and breathtakingly hot show, that she was performing before his eyes, trying to seduce him with her naked legs, flashing from under her super short skirt.

Being the pizza boy for a long time, Bruno had seen a lot of hotties, who were ready to open up instead of paying for pizza, but this one was the best - cute face, yummy butt and lovely titties.

Fitted to some fun, damn it! Meantime, Alice bent as if she was a lustful cat, craving for sex, and placed her ass under Bruno's hungry glances, so that his eyes got glued to the tempting curves of her beautiful buttocks, semi-covered by skirt's cloth.

She was teasing him by this sight until felt his fingers, running along her panties-covered pussy.

His prompt but tender touches aroused her y pink kitten, and Alice gave a moan when Bruno's forefinger slid into her wet cave and started its motions inside it, while his thumb was playing with her clitty, tickling it and rubbing insanely.

Being not able to wait anymore, Alice pulled her skirt down and asked Bruno for thrusting her pussy from behind, holding on to the table and getting her legs moved apart as wide as possible.

Bruno didn't need to be asked twice, and he threaded Alice's pinkie in a moment, ramming her delicate flower and nailing to the table.


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