Nunnery is for lesbian love

When you're tired of lie, treachery and human foolishness, surrounding you and turning your life into a hell. When your life is a never-ending disappointment, full of troubles, and you cannot find an exit. There's the only way to calm down and fall in love with life and humanity again - a nunnery. This silent shelter will help you become the happiest girl on earth, able to forgive the whole world...

Sr. Mary was in good mood that day, and not only because of a nice sunny day but also due to a new lay sister had to arrive. She was waiting for this girl in her silent cell, listening to iPod (she adored listening to Enigma) and regaling her insatiable pussy with a new sex toy. Being a rather god-fearing nun, Sr. Mary was used to masturbating under the blanket, as if hiding herself from God's anger. And she was sure that God would forgive his fiancee, who was too sex-hungry to say no to some hot pussy-tickling.

Meanwhile, Alice, being in bad mood and tired of this world, was aspiring to this nunnery, where (she was sure of it) she would find good women ready to help her solve all problems. Alice was tired of all these men, always ready to fuck her but being not ready to listen to her and make her happy. So, she had decided to become a nun. No sooner said than done! Alice had found a nunnery, placed near the sea and inviting all unlucky women to console themselves behind its doors. And now, when she was near these doors, her heart started beating stronger.

As Alice never was a good girl and didn't believe in God, so she felt confused. She was dressed in a nun's habit, embracing her body like the second skin and highlighting all Alice's seductive curves. And she wasn't able to resist her hunger for fun, and that's why she had on a pair of sexy stockings (this outfit was adding her some confidence). Alice was rather afraid of nunnery's sisters, although she hoped they to be the nice girls. But as soon as she saw Sr. Mary, so beautiful in her nun's habit, her fear disappeared.

Sr. Mary looked very innocently in her nun's dress and headpiece. Her feet were bare and she wasn't wearing lingerie, i.e. there's nothing under her dress. However, Alice was unsuspecting of this fact. And she followed Sr. Mary in her cell. This kind young woman had told Alice about the nunnery's rules, inspecting the lay sister's body from top to toe in passing and dreaming to have fun with her as soon as possible.

Alice had met Sr. Mary's eyes, being rather surprised at this explicit examination. Alice wasn't sure, but she could swear - Sr. Mary wasn't against to play some lesbian games with her sister! It blew Alice's mind, and she touched Sr. Mary's sleeve, looking directly in her eyes and asking her silently if she would like to make love. It seemed to Alice that in this case God wouldn't hear her dirty words. Sr. Mary thought the same. And she took her dress off, revealing her beautiful absolutely nude body.

Alice did the same. She lay don on the bed, spread her sexy long legs in stockings and revealed her nude beauty to Sr. Mary, who looked rather surprised and excited at the same time. It was no wonder that Sr. Mary was surprised, because she wasn't waiting for such a sinfulness from the new lay sister. And it was no wonder that Sr. Mary was excited, because Alice was so gorgeous young girl, with smooth skin, beautiful belly and legs, perfect tits and absolutely awe-inspiring lil pussy. Sr. Mary was ready to snap at Alice immediately, but something stopped her.

Yes, sure, first Sr. Mary needed to pray. She did it as quickly as possible and kissed Alice's lips. The last was rather sexed-up with the nun's look and this praying. She thought even that God was seeing them, the two nude nuns ready to make love. But Alice was sure that God would forgive them. Just because she was sure of it. So, Alice took the knee-stand and placed her ass under Sr. Mary's pussy. The last started rubbing against Alice's round butt, moaning and groaning in passing...

Sr. Mary had always been searching for something hot, esp. being an average waitress before she became a nun. She never was against to have sex with a strong guy, who could fuck her hard. She also was always ready to play lesbian games with her creative and slutty girlfriends. Most of all she liked having doggystyle sex and she also was mad about female pussies. She was able to lick these sweet fragrant nooks for hours and hours. And now she was licking off Alice's juice.


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