Alice in wild crew screw action

Sunk in thoughts about new, more hot and breathtaking sex-adventures that were waiting for her in this secret room where she's going to come in with Bunny, Alice didn't notice the strange Bunny's air. Meanwhile salesgirl, who had known all about each of boutique's rooms and was expecting the really
mind-blowing happens, pulled at the door-knob. Girls entered, slamming the door.

It was not very big service room, fitted with several video displays which had been uniting in one system for observation of every nook of this shop. The images on each of screens were similar - it was passionate lesbian games, filmed from different angles and reflected every motion of both beauties. Moreover, the simpering guardian Teddy, sitting in the big chair, overlooked this awesome show and his dick was ready to tear his pants. Oh, it was greasy situation and Alice felt herself as a stupid fly in spider's web.

Bunny, which had informed about displays and recording, was shocked no less than Alice - it was terrific sight for both gals. She looked at herself,
playing with Alice's pussy and nipples on the screens, with mixed senses of shame and excitement, as if she wasn't aware about this little secret. Cuddling Alice, Bunny enjoyed with show, running on the screens, without any thoughts about Teddy. But he didn't forget about playing in some little game with both dolls.

Teddy turned the notice of hotties on the own person and without needless words told Alice about her unenviable destiny - all these shots and films will be accessible for everybody if she won't be third in their spicy orgy with Bunny. This news took Alice's breath away in a moment but she found herself rather fast and agreed with these words, more the blackmail than offer. Bunny looked like innocent bird but Alice was guess about dark soul of this ebony chick.

Teddy felt himself very well and content, so he was giving the orders as some grand person (for example, the king or super-star). At first, Alice and Bunny had to get onto table and show their classy nude asses with moved long legs wide apart. It was a little hard as both cuties was on high heels, but finally, then this scene was ready, Teddy ordered them to bend forward for
better examination of both sweet pussies, black and white but with rosy cores. While he overlooked these flowers from all sides, his dick in pants, living by its own life, was getting swollen and craving for some wet hole.

So Teddy decided to start the show, all the more that cunning Alice, turned on the heels, placed her pubis under Teddy's head, while Bunny was situated with comfort on the table between Alice's legs. Alice got her belly and pubic place kissed and licked and felt as if she's princess teasing her servant. Then in her turn, she touched Teddy's boning tool by her smart
tongue, teasing and tickling the red cap, fondling the own burning hole at once.

Meanwhile Bunny was caressing her body all over - pussy, nipples, hips... Teddy asked her to make it before his eyes while Alice was sucking him. Well, glad Bunny performed it. Some minutes later Teddy decided to change mouth to cunt and started to fuck Bunny, spreading her on the soft couch. Now Alice was watching the spicy show, feeling the bliss all over. Replaced Bunny in doggy position, Teddy screwed her from behind, fingering Alice's pink cave while she handled Bunny's swollen nipples and firm tits.

Teddy's work was very special - as he's a guardian and a great part of his day was sitting in front of displays, keeping his eyes on clients and salesgirls, so he wanted to see lesbian show again but now in reality, didn't take part up to some moment. So Bunny and Alice started to mutual cuddling, kissing and caressing passionately specially for Teddy. He was on the seven heavens, stroking his cock and looking at two playing sexy ittens! Bunny tugged Alice's pussy lips and massaged her clitty, fondling her ass.


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