Alice has fun with ebony lesbian salesgirl

That day Alice with excellent mood was going shopping, walking from shining boutiques to ordinary stores. Leaving behind some clothing stores, she had
bought the necessary outdoor clothes and decided to visit some pompous boutiques for more deep mmersion in the life of rich person.

She'd known that shopping is the best fun in the life and as soon as she'd bucks enough, she should spend it for some little female follies, for example, she needed
in glorified lingerie as the chic and very expensive one always was the important part of her pink dreams.

Luxurious boutique with lingerie took her breath away in a moment but rather fast she felt herself at home in a situation. The lonely salesgirl (Bunny, she's black and her pink dress was in harmony with her ebony skin) and muscle watchman (Alice tried to make eyes to him but without any result - he was only a stupid muscle mountain, no more) and none at all with the
exception of Alice.

So she wandered not very long time among the classy and stylish panties and bras and finally picking some panties out, came up to salesgirl. Carefully directed into the fitting-room with huge mirrors on the each of walls, Alice found herself in the wonderful place, as if in
fantastic room from some future film.

While Alice's imagination was boggling by this unreal entourage and she's looking in the mirrors taking some poses admiringly, she hadn't seen the passionate glances of girl who stayed behind her and admired by the shapely body of new client. Bunny always looked at her clients while they're trying lingerie on and sometimes she touched and caressed a little their skin, bubs and asses, availing of an opportunity to be helpful.

The girl in trying-room was one of the best as in the main the clients of this boutique were the middle-aged sluts with flabby skin and having sagged tits. Alice was on the top of the list and Bunny decided to seduce her here and right now.

Meanwhile Alice took off her jeans and stayed with nude bottom. Bunny came into the room, scared Alice a little, offering the help in the trying on. Putting the panties to Alice and cuddling her a little from behind, leaning on Alice by her tits Bunny tried to attract Alice's notice to the panties with deeply hiding idea to make her hot and play with her in ardent lesbian games.

Alice felt this attempts, getting hotter but she was surprised at such own reaction for young salesgirl. Maybe, cuz Bunny was ebony and her skin has
specific aroma, a little perfume but with bit of exciting smell of Africans (her girlfriend in college was afro girl and she smelled like this hot choc). So Alice opened herself to these feelings, giving the chance for own
body to try the new emotions and senses.

Cuddling Alice's hips fervently, Bunny kissed her crotch greedily and didn't let Alice even one chance to move - only took pleasure from her motions. With crazy caressing Alice's buttocks and fondling the sweet valley between the cheeks, Bunny kept Alice in the obsessive embraces of her black prompt hands. Alice was going to play in this spicy game too, so she clasped Bunny's
black apples fervently and started to mash it, rubbing by her pussy against Bunny's ass. This exiting dance was going on some minutes and after it the action replaced on sofa.


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