Having two thousands dollars in her pocket but very tired and hungry after crazy sex job, Alice decided to spend a little money in a restaurant, in some plushy and stylish place with good menu. As the day was very difficult, so she came to a decision to take a cab and reach for the restaurant with comfort. Shining yellow car with smiling driver was the real thing, doubtlessly. Alice cast a prompt glance at the cabbie and had seen a Georgian guy, who looked very easy-going and not able to do harm her reputation and health. So she got into with easy heart, stationed herself with comfort and ready to fall a directly in the taxi chair.

That day was not very successful for Aram, emigrant from Georgia, who worked as a taxi man for three years already and always was looking for some cute
girl with nice ass. He had no one girl today, and his cock was aching without sex. Living in Georgia, he had wife and several kids, but it wasn't his mission in this world.To get fucked as many girls as he was able - it's his mission, the goal in life. Being very hot and ready to drill any hole on the way, he moved to USA and became a taxi driver, thinking this profession would be very convenient for picking up girls and pulling them onto his always erected cock.

The girl, lovely young chick who got into, was so ummy and fresh; she looked so tempting in her explicit dress, and Aram felt his cock ready to thrust his pants and jump out for piercing any hole of this sweetie. Talking with Alice, he had to know that she wanted to visit a restaurant as she's hungry and tired, and Aram offered her to make a visit to nice place in the country.Alice agreed and fell a immediately. Cunning Aram decided did not miss the chance to fuck this lovely babe, and drove to nice out-of-the-way place, dreaming of Alice's sweet pussy. And about her tight ass, for sure!

When Alice opened her eyes, she had seen unknown woody place, and she understood that the fucking cabbie brought her not nearly the cafe or something else but just the other way about. Alice realized her pitiful condition and started crying and railing the cabbie, trying to seize the helm and stop the taxi. Aram hit her aggressive mood, and he got frightened for his car. He had already known that he would never get his driving license back if a police officer caught him on the road with furious girl in his car. Therefore, Aram stopped taxi, and Alice jumped out, going on crying.

It was idiotic situation. Instead of cafe, Alice found herself in the unknown place, with dirty taxi man, and no one car was hereabouts. Moreover, this fucking idiot was talking of a picnic in the open-air and even got out a bag with some stuff, begging for mercy and agreeing on little pleasure with him. As Alice had no another chance to reach for city, and all the more that she was as hungry as anything, so she agreed to join the party, and this sweet couple headed for heart of the woods.Placed on the glade, Aram's favorite spot where he had already fucked a lot of beautiful pussies, he asked Alice about her whishes. She was delighted this place, so fresh and virgin looking as if ready for something out this dirty world, and forgetting about hunger, she answered, showing off under his sultry glance, and he touched her yummy body, all the more so she wasn't against.

Aram pulled off her short skirt and top in a moment, getting closer to tender skin of her belly and caressing the ass - his favorite female spot. In her turn, Alice took off Aram's shirt and pulling his pants down she hit on the huge cock, very thick and erected already. This powerful weapon was rocking before her eyes, ready to trust any hole immediately, and she stood still before its hardness and goodness.

Sexed up Alice touched the red cap by her sweet lips and started tonguing it passionately, swallowing it and feeling the meaty flesh ready to go thorough her. She had read about such cocks' sizes, but now she had it filling her mouth and reaching for throat. Fucking her wet mouth, Aram felt himself ready to get off immediately, but at first, he wanted to taste her pussy at least, because he had no power enough to check out the ass way just now. Therefore, he got his cock out Alice's warm mouth and pulled it into pink hole. She gave a scream, as its size was too big for her little pinkie. However, she spread her legs wide, moving towards the stretcher, and some minutes later Aram's cock burst inside her with sperm gusher.


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