This never-ending day was aspiring to the end, and Alice felt herself as tired as never before. She had money (thank you, hobos!) but she still was homeless. What would she do in this situation, when her one and only way to glory was full of troubles? Maybe, she had to go back and turn into poor
small-town girl without future. Maybe. However, it was not her way. Alice had to find any apartment as soon as possible. She will never go home, never! Los Angeles - it was her dream, and she was not able to say goodbye this beautiful city only because she still did not have a shelter.

Finally, Alice hit on the advertisement with offer of a room in the boarding house. She had known it was not a top of her dreams. Although the apartments located in the not very plushy quarter, but its cost was very attractive, and Alice decided to settle down there awhile. She had reached for the boarding house and knocked at the door with beating heart. The householder Madam Tusso (it was her old pseudonym from the past, when she worked as an expensive whore in Paris) opened the door and invited her new guest.

Madam was aware of all problems, which could be appearing on the way of so cute girl as this one, who was asking her about room. She was the same stupid gal many years ago, and if only her householder was not so kind, helping her that time, she could know what bad times mean. Madam answered yes and told Alice all about rules of living in her boarding house. Explaining the rules, she cast the greedy glances at Alice's sweet body, and Alice could guess that her householder preferred girls. Madam Tusso adored
young girls and she helped them, but only if they answered her dirty flirting and were agreeing to share her bed. This fact turned Alice's living here into free being, as she knew how to drive crazy this old lesbian.

The room had been arranged simply, without any useless stuff or furniture, and it was an ideal place for Alice who was in need of a bed and roof over her head. But she was craving for a nice cock too. As she had no the real one, so she took her old buddy, the vibrator, her favorite toy that made her happy always in absence of a good fuckster. She adored this smart stuff all the more that she knew very well what her pussy wants unlike these rough cocksmen who screwed her as a fuck doll, taking no notice at her wishes and dreams.

Alice took her clothes off and fell in the bed with a magazine that she had bought at the train station. It was one of her favorite amusements - to look over magazine, petting her kitty at the same time. The pictures of wealthy life with actors and tycoons always made her hot and wet, especially if she used the vibrator in addition to her smart finger that was rubbing her swollen clitty.

She threw the mag aside, and continued her thrilling pussy teasing without this exciting paper mate. Vibrator that placed in her palm
as a sixth finger, transformed into pulsating tool, fucking her wet pinkie as a real dick, making her pussy shivering and feeling the sweet pain of oncoming bliss. All sad thoughts left her head immediately. Only pure satisfaction. Only sweet ecstasy. Nothing but orgasm...

New day brought the new troubles. Alice was in need of a job, any occupation that could be a source of money. She understood that she had to find something that she was able to do, but she knew nothing about the ways of searching for a job. Being rather clever girl, she decided to visit a job center where she could be able to find a job. It was hot, and Alice dressed in open top and short skirt and left her room. In the hall, she met a guardian, the strong man with sultry glance, who was Madam's friend for a long time, and who had tasted all her young guests. Their eyes met on a moment, and it was enough to find each other attractive and fitted for exciting meeting in the bed.

There was no good job, at this slave center. Manager was able to offer only short time work, but as Alice had no possibility to search for job for a long time, so she agreed. She had to work as a housemaid, who came time to time to help the employer. This job was far from the ideal but Alice got ready for anything. She had taken the address and turned her steps to her temporary work place, thinking of her employer as of a nasty fat cat who lived in the dirty district. However, reality differed from Alice's thoughts.Julian, the owner of stylish apartment in the prestigious quarter and Alice's employer, was stricken by tasty forms and lovely face of the new housemaid. He had never thought that these stupid maids could be so fresh and sexy. He was near forgetting all that his wife ordered to do, but Alice asked him by herself. She had seen the effect of her sexuality, and her one and only wish that time was the seduction. This horn dog would be an easy booty for her, doubtlessly! Thinking so, she got down to cleaning, trying to show the most intimate nooks of her sweet body.

Horny Julian was not able to suffer this sweet torture, and he decided to take the offensive. Looking at Alice's firm ass under the short skirt, which was moving in unison with her motions, he got his cock out and started to handle it, dreaming of her wet holes. Finally, he ordered Alice to stop cleaning and gratify his swollen dick. Playing the fool first, she agreed but only for a good fee. It was not a problem for Julian whose cock was ready to burst, but his wife was the problem. So the couple got down to more breathtaking exercising than the boring homework as soon as possible. One moment, and Alice's skirt flew aside. Having Alice placed on the divan, he spread her legs and had touched the sweet pussy, so attractive and juicy. It was the most exciting sight in his life, and she was the sexiest of gals he had ever fucked. This girl was worthy of the most detailed inspecting, but he had no time enough.


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