Train with Alice got into the station of Los Angeles, and she came out, inhaling the dizzy air of big city. It was a dawn of new life, the life full of hopes, plans and hunger for breathtaking events, which were waiting for Alice here. At least, she hoped for it. Warm wind caressed her naked shoulders, fondling the breast and disheveling her hair, but she took no notice of it, as she was going on to win the main prize in her life and she was on the way to it.

Alice was so happy to reach Los Angeles that her heart started to beat stronger, especially when she dialed her friend Sarah, who was her single chance to find though the temporary shelter in the city.

But Sarah didn't answer. Alice phoned again and again, but without any result. It was catastrophe, as Alice had no the other friends besides Sarah, and she had to find another home if she did not want to stay on the street...

That day was another unlucky day for Ted, a dirty hobo who lived in the boiler-house not far from station, dreaming of better life. He was ready to look at the trains which brought the young gals and guy, who craved for new life in Los Angeles.

Many years ago, he was one of these young people, bursting with hopes and dreaming of something special. However, his hopes had been vanished, and his life turned into the chain of failures. Ted lost his home, wife and job in a moment, and it was terrible but not deathful, as he could enjoy the sun, the trains and this beautiful city.

Ted was slouching around and gaping at the newcomers, when he had seen Alice, who tried to reach her girlfriend. He hit her rueful mood and decided to tell with her. Ted understood that he wasn't her dreamboat, however he started talking with Alice, who proved to be a pretty good girl without unnecessary haughtiness. She was pure and fresh and had all distinguishing features of every newcomer, in his opinion. It seemed he wasn't mistaken.

Alice could not imagine that her first day in the city will transform into the thrilling adventure in the dark slums of Los Angeles. When hobo offered her to spend the night in his modest home, she decided it was one and only way to find although temporary shelter and she agreed. It was rather risky step, but she had no choice.

They reached his boiler-house, the shady and cheerless Ted's refuge. As Alice already had seen even more dirty places, so this room didn't strike her. Ted had some wine - his little treasure, and he offered Alice to drink it. She was not against to crack a bottle with her strange new friend, all the more that her upset body craved for some fun.

While Alice was sipping wine, Ted blabbed about his unsuccessful life and recited his favorite lyrics. She looked at him, dreaming of stopping this damned speech but he even didn't think of interruption. At last, when he reached some carnal details, he took his dick out and showed it Alice proudly. It was really remarkable specimen, and Alice assessed dick at its true value. Boozy Ted decided to use this rare possibility to fuck some tight hole, and dipped his prick into the wineglass, where the astringent moisture washed his male proud. Alice had been stricken and she wished to taste this wined dick.

She dropped on knees and touched the red tip by her lips, feeling the wine taste and hardness under these touches. Tickling the foreskin, she started to swallow it little by little, while it slid into her mouth, filling it and reaching her throat.

As Ted had no sex for a long time, so he was ready to come every moment while his cock thrust Alice's sweet hot mouth, touching her tongue and turning into the rocky-hard pole. She sucked him deeper and stronger every minute, and finally he got off directly at her face, covering her lips and cheeks by his sticky jizz.
Suddenly the door opened, and a black muscular guy with two bottles burst into the room. It was Ted's buddy Johnson, who had just sold his old car and was in the money. His happy voice filled the room, and the party begun with double power. This buzzy trio became more and more , sinking their problems in wine.


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