The early warm sunbeams, so bright and really alive and calling into the fresh and blissful life, lighted up the scuffed houses' walls of the poor quarter covered by sordid buildings in the small y town - the real poky hole of place, forgotten by God. And it was the home for poor Alice, her damned cage, her locker room, the dungeon for her painted dreams and private fantasies about actress's career. Each of trains, leaving this hole and heading for Hollywood, keeping the flock of naive stupid or clever girls inside, was that single thin thread connecting young miss with this magnificent dream factory swallowing up a great deal of starlets - the mighty and brilliant Hollywood.Alice Lendel just turned 18 and she was young attractive girl with angel-like face and had all chances to be the first beauty in her town - her delicately shaped body, so slight and well-formed at the same time. Every morning, without exception, Alice feasted her eyes on her beautiful body, showing off before huge mirror and took the different poses for the future shining among the famous public, surrounded by cinema stars and well-known names. Every evening, cosseting herself in the bath with foam she was fantasying her future luxuriating in golden Jacuzzi in her own splendid house in Hollywood. Oh, dreams, dreams... Her body and face drew the male glances while she was schoolgirl and after during her college time. But it was very easy - to attract these rough stallions who were dreaming only about expendable sex with Alice in his parents' absence or on the backseat of the old father's car or somewhere else. As Alice knew very well - her future here, in this lonely spot, full of sweaty dorks, will be very miserable and sad so she's never dreamed about calm family life in this hole. She had never imagined herself as some paunched housewife, always pregnant with several kids and boozy hubby - she'll never be so stupid hen cackling about foolish things.

All Alice's thoughts were full of breathtaking ideas about the reaching of stardom in Los Angeles. Being a schoolgirl she was the top liner in the school theatre. Playing the delicate Ophelia or enamored Juliet or tremulous nymph and even the boy-page of English Queen in some drama - always she was on the top of the list. She was able to perform any role - with her body and intellect it was as easy as ABC. Basking in fame of applauds on the stage of school and then college theatres, she imagined herself on the Oscar scene and she knew - it'll be happened, no doubt.

Her room was full of magazines about stars, cinema, fashion etc. and every week she got some new ones. She was living of stars' life, was distressed and happy with them; she studied the fashion tendencies as if she was famous person thinking about new dress for next great star partying. She knew all celebrities, she was informed about their way to glory, very often so
difficult and terrible, and she was sure - she'll cope with all troubles which could be appeared on her way. In her mind was the single thought - she had to be noted superstar and her fans will be enthusiastic over favorite actress - Alice... mmm... maybe she'll take new, more wonderful and glamour name but in the meanwhile Alice Lendel had to dress and ready for her damned job in bar.Her boyfriend Peter, with chicken brain and with forever soppy kisses, met her on the way toward bar and asked why she was out of disco last night. Sunk in thoughts of LA and future career, Alice answered roughly - she had more important occupations than stupid shaking in the nightclub and
overrunning with cocktails. Poor Peter was waiting for Alice all night and now with madly beating heart, as she was beautiful in her sexy mini, he dreamed only about one thing. He would fuck her right on the street if he dare but it was impossible. Alice asked him to accompany her bar blabbing about Hollywood and her future main roles in blockbusters and crazy parties among stars. Hearing her sweet voice, Peter was near ecstasy as he loved and wanted her as strongly as anything.Another member of this scene was the biker John who was falling in love with Alice but hopelessly as he's even unacquainted with her. Being envious as a devil, John decided to win her over this lil jerk and become the boyfriend of this fantastic hottie. Thus, such love passions were running high in the small town with very high-flying gals and guys.Took leave with Peter with reaching the agreement about evening meeting in night club, Alice changed her dress to the sexiest cover-slut. The disgusting owner of this bar ordered to all hash-slingers dressed in so smut aprons for new visitors attracting. It was terrible as each of new comers aspired to touch the nude body parts of poor waitresses roaring with laughter every time then poor girls were confused. That day wasn't outstanding. Boozy visitor clutched nude Alice's buttocks instead making order and Alice refused with some dirty words, running away and hid in the back room. Barman Mr. Bushman took Alice task to be more polite with clients told her that it's nothing extraordinary if some visitor will be caressing her sweet ass and in the end of this private conversation he grabbed Alice's bubbies with angry and sultry aim. It's the end - Alice with all her hating of this town, bar, visitors and her stupid life - gave a thump on the barman's head by her tray and ran out. Biker John, walking not far from bar, saw her running and was very interested by this happening, dreaming about the getting some info about the last events. Meanwhile Alice found herself at home and started to ponder over her future action. It's clear to her - this case will be noted by all townsfolk and she'll have big problems with her future job and so on. So it was the time X - to be or not to be of her career in Hollywood. Her old girlfriend Sarah who ran away to Los Angeles long before and was delighted from Angelinos and
Hollywood, wrote the letter to Alice and now she was seeking for this damned letter with Sarah's address. Finally the mail was found and suitcase packed.
Alice was on the way to glory and she's sure - she'll pass the Los Angeles test and her future will be shining brightly.



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